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CARA SEDERHANA,SIMPLE DAN CEPAT UNTUK TRADING ADA DISINI. Saat kita terbang,kita harus tahu dimana ruang " hampa",saat kita memancing,kita harus tau dimana "kolam" yang banyak ikannya. PETA SEDERHANA,sangat cocok buat yang baru berkemas memasuki rimba forex. #15MFX
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Bergabunglang dengan TEAM MINING BITCOIN kami,dan dapatkan icmome 6jutaan perbulan

Bergabunglang dengan TEAM MINING BITCOIN kami,dan dapatkan icmome 6jutaan perbulan


Bergabunglah dengan TEAM MINING BITCOIN kami,dan dapatkan income 6JT/mesin/ perbulan


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Ini referensi tentang forex,anda bebas mendownloadnya.
Ada ebook,strategi trade ,script dll.
Kalo kurang mengerti ,krn menggunakan bahasa Inggris,GAMPANG.....
Tinggal copy paste di google terjemahan.

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  • A Course In Miracles Download
  • A Directional Strategy That Costs You Nothing If You Are Download
  • A fool and his money Download
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  • Bernstein, Jake - The Compleat Day Trader Vol IIDownload
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  • Big Profit Patterns Using Candlestick Signals And Gaps - Stephen W Bigalow Download
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  • Buying and Selling Volatility Part I Download
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  • DeMarking Trend Exhaustion Zone Download
  • Diagonal Triangles Download
  • DIAMOND B. - 5 Minute Forex Download
  • Double tops and bottoms Download
  • Dow_40_000__Strategies Download
  • Downturn Or Short-Covering Rally Get A Clue With Short Interest Download
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  • Encyclopedia Of Chart Patterns, 2nd EditionDownload
  • Engle-The Econometric Of High-Frequency DataDownload
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  • Essential_Stock_Picking_Strategies Download
  • ETF Trading Tactics, Part 1 Identify ETF Turns Using Moving Average Crossovers Download
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  • ETF Trading Tactics, Part 3 How To Short ETF Breakout Failures Download
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  • Follow The Money Trade Where The Action IsDownload
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  • From Desert Storm To Options Trader Download
  • From GOOD TO BETTER Download
  • From The Basketball Player To Market Psychologist Download
  • From The Boardroom To EMini Trading RoomDownload
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  • Give me land, LOTS OF LAND… Download
  • Give Me Something to Lean On Understanding The Purpose Of Chart Patterns Download
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  • Haggerty Describes A Recent QQQ Trade From Beginning To Download
  • Half a trade better than none at all Download
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  • Here s What I Often See Before A Monster MoveDownload
  • Here's a Different Way of Looking at OptionsDownload
  • Here's The Checklist I Use Before I Buy Any StockDownload
  • Hitchhiker’s guide to the second half Download
  • HLR Brekaout Download
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  • How I Deal With Winning Trades Going SourDownload
  • How I Identify Powerful Setups Using SymmetryDownload
  • How I Improve My Odds By Combining Different Time Frames Download
  • How I Stalk And Pounce On Evening Star Formations Download
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  • How I Trade Reversals Download
  • How I Use Fibo toId entify Key Support and Resistance Download
  • How This Simple Math Can Improve Your Trading Results Download
  • How To Apply Top Down Analysis For Identifying The Best Breakouts Download
  • How To Apply Top Down Analysis For Identifying The Best Breakouts Download
  • How To Calculate Tomorrows Probable Trading Range Download
  • How To Control Your Risk By Sizing Your TradesDownload
  • How To Create Your Trading Plan Download
  • How To Determine Directional Strength With Short-term Patterns Download
  • How To Find Ascending Bases That Lead To Powerful Advances Download
  • How To Get Early Entries Into Winning StocksDownload
  • How To Get Started In Options Download
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  • How To Overcome The 3 Most Common Trading Vices Download
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  • How To Use S&P 500 Futures To Get A Heads Up On Stock Download
  • How To Use The COT Report Download
  • How To Use Volume And Technicals To Improve Reliability Download
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  • How_To_Be_A_Value_Investor Download
  • How_To_Think_Like_Benjamin_Graham_&_Invest_Like_Warren_Buffett Download
  • Howard Simons Advanced Currency Concepts Vol 1Download
  • If a Stock Drops 5 Days in a Row, Should You Buy ItDownload
  • If a Stock Keeps Moving Higher, Should You Buy It or Sell It Download
  • If I Could Only Trade One Emini Strategy This Would Be It Download
  • In limbo Long euro trade ends up being a waiting game in a sideways market Download
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  • In Trending Markets, Use These Candlestick Continuation Patterns Download
  • Index_Funds Download
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  • Intermediate-Term Sentiment Indicators For Spotting Market Download
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  • Joe DiNapoli Download
  • John Bollinger on consolidations Download
  • John J Murphy - Intermarket Technical Analysis - Trading Strategies Download
  • Just_One_Thing__Twelve_of_The_Best_InvestorDownload
  • Kathy Lien Currency Collection Download
  • Keith Schap Futures Strategy Collection Vol 1Download
  • Keith Schap Options Strategy Collection Vol 1Download
  • Keltner channels Download
  • Key reversal bars Download
  • Know The Sector Before You Trade The StockDownload
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  • Last month’s Currency System Analysis triggers long trade in the euro Download
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  • Leadership Rotates...So Rotate With It! Download
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  • Lifestyles of The Rich & Pipped Download
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  • Linear regression line Download
  • Living Through Katrina Download
  • Locked Limit Here's How to Protect YourselfDownload
  • Looking for a RECOVERY in the indicatorsDownload
  • Looking For Fast Moves Watch For Failed SignalsDownload
  • Low volatility readings indicate a potential price move Download
  • Managing Your Money Download
  • Managing_Currency_Risk__Using_Financial_Derivatives Download
  • March Chandler's Macro View Collection Download
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  • Market jolt takes out promising trade. Is re-entry an option Download
  • Market Pulse Vol 1 Download
  • Market Timing Synergy Improving The Odds By Combining Download
  • Market-moving economic reports Download
  • Measuring Trend Momentum Download
  • MEET THE GREEKS Delta and gamma Download
  • Micheal Mcdonald - Predict Market Swings With Technical Analysis Download
  • Microtrading_The_1_minute_chart Download
  • Momentum and rate-of-change Download
  • Money Management & Market PsychologyDownload
  • Money Management (Pt I) Controlling Risk and Capturing Download
  • Money Management (Pt II) Rules Of The RoadDownload
  • Money Management (Pt III) Insights From The Pros Download
  • Money Management (Pt IV) Pro Traders Share Their Lessons Download
  • More Options Tips For Beginners Download
  • Most of the time you neither strike out nor hit a home run Download
  • Moving average convergence-divergence (MACD)Download
  • Moving average envelope Download
  • Moving Averages Four Useful Strategies Download
  • Moving Averages Know The Basics First Download
  • Mr Spock on Trading Download
  • Multiple signals point to a short trade Download
  • My Best Trailing Stop Techniques Download
  • My Fairy God Trader Download
  • My Favorite Strategies For Gaps Up And Gaps DownDownload
  • My Favorite Warning Signs of Climax TopsDownload
  • My Goal Is To Make 20 Pips A Day Download
  • My Latest Research On Stock Selection Download
  • My Strict Buying Criteria For Uncertain MarketsDownload
  • Negotiating The High Seas With Options Download
  • No such thing as BAD LUCK Download
  • Non Farm Payroll Download
  • Oh Crap I just Lost All of My Money Download
  • On Balance Volume Download
  • Online Trading Report One Step Forward Or Standing Still Download
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  • Playing a fake-out breakout Download
  • Playing the dollar’s strength against yen weaknessDownload
  • Playing the NUMBERS game Download
  • Playing THE PERCENTAGES Download
  • Point And Figure Use It To Filter The NoiseDownload
  • Popular Sentiment Indicators And How I Use ThemDownload
  • Position Management (Part I) Initial Stop Placement Download
  • Position Management II Trailing Stop And Exit Techniques Download
  • Prelude To A Bull The Economic Signs That Signal Market Download
  • Prelude to a Bull Top Indicators to WatchDownload
  • Preparing_For_The_Worst Download
  • Price + indicator Using the Range Expansion IndexDownload
  • Price oscillator Download
  • Price Pattern Autopilot Download
  • Probability vs profitability Download
  • PRODUCTIVITY Driving earnings, driving stocksDownload
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  • Profiting from INTERMARKET ANALYSISDownload
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  • Profiting From The Futures Trend MatrixDownload
  • Psyching out risk with ARI KIEV Download
  • Putcall ratio Download
  • Quantum Globe Inc_Forex Trading StrategyDownload
  • Random Chance Or Market Reality Download
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  • Reducing Futures Trading Risk Through Diversification Download
  • Relative strength Download
  • Relative Strength Index Download
  • Relatively Speaking John Bollinger Download
  • Report card Download
  • Reserve diversification, Part II Download
  • Retracements What They Are And The Most Reliable Ones To Download
  • Return On Equity How I Use It To Find Stocks With Fuel To Keep Rising Download
  • RICHARD ARMS The man behind the TRINDownload
  • Richard Olsen Tuned To High-freguency Download
  • Riding A Great Trend Know When To Get OutDownload
  • Riding the LEARNING CURVE Download
  • Risk Control And Money Management Download
  • Road to RUIN Download
  • Rob Scott Madden Finding The Right Fit Download
  • Robert W. Colby TECHNICAL COLLECT ORDownload
  • Rules_of_The_Trade__Indispe Download
  • Scaled Buying How One Professional Hedge Fund Manager Download
  • Scalping the forex Download
  • Scanning for Profits, Part I Using Relative StrengthDownload
  • Scanning for Profits, Part II Using ADX Download
  • School of Pipsology final Download
  • Secrets_of_the_Soes_Bandit Download
  • Selection of Trades By Identifying Buying and Selling Pressure Download
  • Selectively Increasing Position Size for Optimum Performance Download
  • Sell Em Short Three Patterns For Bears Download
  • Sell signals on short- and longterm timeframes trigger a short trade Download
  • Setting Time Stops Knowing When To Exit Drifting Positions Download
  • Shape of THINGS to come Download
  • SHOCK treatment Download
  • Shorting Down Gaps Download
  • Shorting Stocks The Art Of Playing Both Sides Of The Market Download
  • Short-Term Chart Patterns Download
  • Short-term short trade sets up within longer-term uptrend Download
  • Short-Term Volatility Trading Bands Download
  • Sideways price action leads to second- (and third-) guessing Download
  • Signals from a mechanical system contribute to a trade Download
  • Simple But Effective Download
  • Simple Moving Average Download
  • simple relax but profit Download
  • Sitting On Your Hands Consider Call BackspreadsDownload
  • Small CAPS back IN Download
  • Smart_Forex_System Download
  • Smarter Trading - Improving Performance in Changing Markets. Download
  • Spreading Your Way To Futures Gain Download
  • Stalking THE INFLATIONARY TIGER Download
  • Statistics and circumstances point to an up moveDownload
  • Statistics and market context point to an up moveDownload
  • Stats and market conditions point to a decline in the AUDUSD rate Download
  • Stochastics Download
  • Stock Index Futures Trading Collection Download
  • Stock Trader's Almanac 2008 [Wiley 2008]Download
  • Stock_Market_Strategies_That_Work Download
  • Stock_Markets__Impact_of_Macroeconomic_Development Download
  • Stock_Options_And_The_New_Rules Download
  • Stop Losses Aer For Sissies Download
  • Straight up volatility Download
  • Strategy10 Download
  • Subtle But Important Characteristics I Look For In Handles Download
  • Succeeding With Failed Patterns Download
  • Sure-Fire Forex Trading Download
  • Swing Traders Find More Reliable Tops And Bottoms Using Download
  • T I C K Download
  • Tails Seldom Fail -- Thoughts On One Of My Favorite Patterns Download
  • Taking a DIFFERENT ROUTE Download
  • Taking partial profits puts some money in the bank in a slow-moving market Download
  • Teaching the RSI Download
  • Ten Tenets Of Swing Trading Download
  • The 1090 Open Download
  • The 2-P Next Bar Forecast System Download
  • The Acceleration System Download
  • The adaptive moving average Download
  • The Ansbacher Index Download
  • The Art Of The Bull Trap Download
  • The Average Directional Movement IndexDownload
  • The Best Breakout Trading Principles To Apply At New Highs Download
  • The Bond Market The Tail That Wags The DogDownload
  • The Characteristics Of Opening ReversalsDownload
  • The Commodity Channel Index Download
  • The crude, HARD FACTS Download
  • The Current Account Deficit's Impact ON The US Dollar Download
  • The DARLINGS of the DOW Download
  • The Discipline Behind Translating Market Analysis Into Results, Part I Download
  • The Discipline Behind Translating Market Analysis Into Results, Part III Download
  • The dollar “crisis” and the New World OrderDownload
  • The dollar and the deficit Download
  • The Dow TS4 System Download
  • The Edge System Download
  • The E-Mini Currency Contracts Download
  • The E-Mini S&P Download
  • The euro and stock market indices Download
  • The Euro FX vs. the E-Mini S&P and 10-year T -noteDownload
  • The Five Traits Of Flat Bases That ExplodeDownload
  • The Golden Goose Rule Download
  • The Improved R2 Strategy 84% Correct with Just 6 Rules Download
  • The inside market Hitting bids, lifting offersDownload
  • THE INTERNATIONAL TRADE REPORT Where both sides of the ledger matter Download
  • The Intraday Patterns Of The Spread And Depth In A Market Without Market Makers Download
  • The Key Ingredients Of Successful Short-SellingDownload
  • The macro factor Download
  • The Miracle of Discipline Download
  • The Most Reliable Sentiment Indicators And How I Use Them Download
  • The Myth Of Tight Stops Download
  • The NASDAQ_Investor Download
  • The Next-bar Forecast System Download
  • The Optiomization Trap Download
  • The post-Katrina economy Download
  • The Power of Putting the Pieces TogetherDownload
  • The Pros Make It Look Hard Download
  • The Psychology Of Chart Patterns Download
  • The Pursuit Of Excellence In Trading Download
  • The return of reserve diversification Download
  • The Role Of Confidence Download
  • The Short-term British Pound Japanese Yen Carry Trade Download
  • The stochastic-RSI Download
  • The Technicians Basic Tool The Price ChartDownload
  • The trend is your friend, until it’s about to endDownload
  • The Trend Strength Crossover Indicator Download
  • The True Strength Index Download
  • The_Art_of_Electronic_Futures_TradingDownload
  • The_Bond_King Download
  • The_Day_Trader_s_Course_Workbook Download
  • The_First_Time_Investors_Workbook Download
  • The_New_Electronic_Traders Download
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  • The_Option_Trader_Handbook Download
  • The_Options_Course_Workbook Download
  • The_Psychology_of_Risk Download
  • The_Real_Options_Solution Download
  • The_Secret_Science_of_Price_and_VolumeDownload
  • The_Superstock_Investor Download
  • The_Volatility_Course_Workbook Download
  • The“HIGH PROBABILITY” myth Download
  • TheRubberBand Download
  • Thom Hartle Strategies & Analysis Collection Vol 2Download
  • Thom Hartle Trading Strategies & Analysis Collection Download
  • Thomas L. Busby A road map to trading Download
  • Thomas Stridsman System Desgin And Testing Collection Download
  • Three Indicators I Combine To Find Great Intraday Entry Download
  • time trap system Download
  • Tom Bullowski Chart Pattern Collection Download
  • Tom DeMark Objetively Speaking Download
  • Trade Aggressively When You Have the EdgeDownload
  • Trade What You See Not What You Hear Download
  • Trade_Simulator_Installer Download
  • Traders Interview How Peter Navarro Identifies Trades Triggered By Major Events Download
  • Traders Interview Michael Steinhardt Talks With Larry Connors Download
  • Traders Interview Tony Crescenzi Talks With Eddie Kwong Download
  • Trading Basics Collection Download
  • Trading Blunders Of The Best Traders And What They Learned From Them Download
  • Trading Flip Top Openings Download
  • Trading For Beginners Download
  • Trading For Your Reteriment Download
  • Trading Forex During Economic ReleasesDownload
  • Trading Greenspan Part I Download
  • Trading Greenspan Part II Download
  • Trading IN TWOS Download
  • Trading Master Plan Download
  • Trading Naked Download
  • Trading ON MARGIN Download
  • Trading Probabilities Download
  • Trading Psychology Collection Download
  • Trading Pullbacks Download
  • Trading pullbacks in foreign exchange Download
  • Trading SUPPORT and RESISTANCE zonesDownload
  • Trading System Lab Package #1 Catching The Trend Download
  • Trading System Labs V2 Countrend TradingDownload
  • Trading the mood OF THE MARKET Download
  • Trading With The Specialist The Smart Money EdgeDownload
  • Trading_For_A_Living_In_The_Forex_MarketDownload
  • Trading_in_the_Zone Download
  • Trading_Options_to_Win Download
  • Trading_with_Moving_Avarage Download
  • Treasury BONDS and NOTES Download
  • Trend Countertrend System Download
  • Trend Strength Indicator Download
  • Trendlines Download
  • TRENDLINES Easy as 1-2-3 Download
  • Triangles Download
  • TriangleTradingMethod Download
  • Tricks_Trends Download
  • True range Download
  • True Strength Index and Ergodic oscillatorDownload
  • turtlerules Download
  • Tweaking Your System Download
  • Typical price Download
  • Uncertainty and Expectation Strategies for the Trading of Risk Download
  • Understanding the Futures Markets Download
  • Understanding_Stocks Download
  • Use the 2B Strategy to Catch Moves Download
  • Using Institutional Money Flows To Identify The New Leaders Download
  • Using Inverted Cup-With-Handles To Identify Shorting Setups Download
  • Using Landry's Swing Trading Techniques To Trigger Entries Into Fib Setups Download
  • Using Moving Averages And Patterns To Enter Into Fast Moves Download
  • Using multiple trend-change signals Download
  • Using Options To Protect Your Portfolio Download
  • Using Technicals And Fundamentals To Find Emerging Leaders Download
  • Using the Covered Combo in Volatile MarketsDownload
  • Using Volume The Key To Price & LiquidityDownload
  • Using Weekly Charts To Detect Stealth BuyingDownload
  • Using Whisper Numbers In Combination With Price And Volume Patterns Download
  • Valuation of Internet Technology and Biotechnology Stock Download
  • VanessaFX_Advanced_Systems Download
  • Volatility (VIX) Download
  • Volatility Part I Don't Fear Volatility Use ItDownload
  • Volatility Part II The Importance of Historical Volatility Download
  • Volatility Part III Five Specific Ways To Anticipate Powerful Download
  • Volatility Skew What Is It And How Can I Use ItDownload
  • Volume Clues To Separate The Winners From The Losers Download
  • Volume Download
  • Volume The ultimate guide to sentimentDownload
  • Walking Through Trades From My Stock OutlookDownload
  • Warren Buffett Wealth Download
  • Warrior Trading Download
  • Watching Macro Indicators The Dollar Download
  • waveprinciple Download
  • Weekly currency options Download
  • Weighted and exponential moving averagesDownload
  • What 22 Years Of Testing Suggests About Pyramiding Download
  • What A Professional Floor Trader Taught Me About Trading Pivots Download
  • What Historical Market Patterns Can Teach Us About The Present Download
  • What I Have Learned During 37 Years On Wall Street Download
  • What Kind Of Trader Do You Want To Be Download
  • What_Every_Investor_Needs_t Download
  • Whats Tomorrows Range Find Out Using Historical Volatility Download
  • When Do Money Managers Like To Buy StocksDownload
  • When The Pieces Fall In Place Download
  • When Time Frames Agree Its Time to PounceDownload
  • When Weak Hands Fall Opportunity Knocks Trading The Download
  • When will the yen go to the moon Download
  • When you’re wrong, you’re wrong Download
  • When_the_Dow_Break Download
  • Whether to use a “mental” stop rather than entering a stop order Download
  • Which Option Strategy Is Best In Trending MarketsDownload
  • Who’s afraid of the big, bad deficit Download
  • Why I Buy Deep In-The-Money Options Download
  • Why is everybody losing money in forex Download
  • Why Posisiton Size Matters Download
  • Why RSI May Be One of the Best Short-TermDownload
  • Why Short-Term Traders Should Use Long-Term Charts Download
  • Why Strong Stocks are Often the Worst Buy Candidates Download
  • Why Swing And Intermediate-Term Traders Should Consider Download
  • Why The 200-day Moving Average MattersDownload
  • Why When And How To Exit A Trade Download
  • Wide-range bars Download
  • Wide-range Bars In The EURUSD Download
  • Will central banks dump the U.S. dollar Download
  • Winning_the_Loser_s_Game Download
  • Wolfe wave Download
  • Wolfe_Waves_and_Gartleys Download
  • Woodchuck Download
  • Work In The Fringes Download
  • World Even Trading Download
  • WWW Trading System Download
  • Year-end Tax Planning Download
  • Yes__You_Can_Time_The_Market Download
  • You Dont Need A Trading Plan Download
  • zanzibar Download
  • zulu Download


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